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Our services for mobile range from app development, SMS marketing, mobile websites to mobile marketing. We can help you launch a successful mobile marketing campaign to connect, communicate and keep your customers coming through the door again and again.

Food Delivery Website + Web App

A community of home chefs preparing delectable and mouth watering dishes for everyone to order from the app. The website for the customers and the web app for both home chefs and merchants was built on PHP.

Client: Hokitch

Project Management Tool

A 25 year old advertising agency operating their job tracking status among employees were provided a solution to use a custom project management tool to track everything and anything the employees do in terms of client managemt and project updates.

Client: GAAP Communications

Hospital Management System

As the name suggests, our hospital management system aims to create user login for patients, doctors, staff and nurses so that the operations of any large or mid scale hospital can be taken care by this HMS.

Client: Spiritual Homeopathy

Learning Management System

One of the most sought after systems during the COVID phase, our LMS aims to cater to not only function as an online learning system, but with extended features like online exam management and reporting too.

Client: Study Mitra

School Management System

Complete and holistic care for any school that functions with logins for staff, teachers, administrators, parents and students to give an easy and effective solution to manage day to day activities of the school and its people.

Client: Bridge2Business

Ecommerce Multi Vendor

An ecommerce site with seller support. Here sellers, vendors can create their own account and add their product listings to sell in the website and it comes with features like customer management, data analytics and order management with payment gateway.

Client: EV Shopify

Ecommerce + Store Owner + Delivery boy Website and Mobile App

An extensive app and web app service that aims at catering to different touchpoints of a logistic system that starts from the supermarket > store owner > delivery boy > store owner. Tracking of the order through delivery boy and status updates at each steps are added features of the web and mobile app.

Client: Mayabazaar